Are You Scared Of Your Workouts? This One Trick Can Help

Scared Of Your Workouts

Apart from diet, which plays a major role in your weight loss journey, exercising is the second most important thing you need to focus on to shed those extra kilos. While some of us are super excited for our workout sessions, many of us dread going to the gym.

If you are someone who is often dreading the tough days at the gym, here is a tip for you.

The study

In a study conducted by the psychologist at the Department of Sport Science, 78 volunteers were split into four workout groups. All of these people were asked to cycle on a stationary bike for 30 minutes.

One group was told that their workout would result in many health benefits and one was informed (falsely) that cycling won’t help them in any way. The left two groups were given a compression shirt to wear and some of them were told that it will help increase their workout benefits, while some were given no explanation at all.

While they worked out, it was tracked how difficult the exercise felt and how much efforts the volunteers were putting out.


As expected, it was found that volunteers who believed that their workout will result in multiple health benefits, said that efforts were tolerable. Among the two groups wearing a compression shirt, those who were new to exercise and believed that the shirt can boost their workout found the exercise to be easier.


Results were seen as evidence of the placebo effect in exercise. Believing in the power of exercise can make the effort easier. But it was surprising to find out that workout gears helped people who were new to exercise.


The study was done on a small scale and further research needs to be done to know the underlying mechanisms at play.

But there is no harm to focus and knowing how exercise can help you. Also, trying new workout gears is one of the easiest methods to try if it can help improve your performance by making your workout feel easier.


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