Best Ways To Burn More Fat While Walking For Weight Loss

Walking For Weight Loss

Walking to lose weight

Walking for weight loss is an excellent way to stay fit if you are dreading the gruesome gym workout. However, as easy as walking is, you must be completely sure that you do it right and not turn it into a leisurely walk. If you are walking yourself to a slimmer waist, consider these vital hacks!

If you are on a weight-loss mission and willing to walk, consider these vital hacks. Thank us later!

How much do you need to walk every day to lose weight

According to studies conducted by Harvard University, 30 minutes of brisk walking burns around 150 calories. The more you walk and the faster you are, the more calories you’ll burn.

To aid fast weight loss, experts say that a person needs to walk for a minimum of 45-60 minutes at a brisk rate to shed excess fat. Here are some of the other ways you can ensure walking can help stick to your goals:

Try and walk so fast that you find it hard to talk

One of the many reasons why people choose to walk and talk their way to a slimmer waist is because the easiness it offers. While no doubt, it makes for a fun recreational activity, if slimming down is your sole goal, your motive should be to speed up your pace and burn more calories. The faster you do that, the more efficient your regime will be. One way to do that is to focus on your breathing and match up to the speed and intensity. To make sure you are burning fat the right way, ideally, you should be able to speak just a few words in a minute’s time, without taking a breath.

Less time on your hands? Do this

Walking is one of the best activities to take up when you are running a little low on time. Even if you have less than 30 minutes a day to spare, walking can help. For that, the best strategy to adopt is to incorporate a few workout hacks into your walking routine. One way to do is to practice HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) moves, alternating between intense and less extreme bouts of walking, which will speed up calorie burning and make you use more of the stored energy in the body. Try alternating this every two minutes in the 30-minute window to rev up your heart rate and see a difference.

If you have 30-45 minutes a day to walk

If you simply have more time on your hands, make up for your regime by incorporating a few moves of resistance training in your workout. It can be one of the best ways to push your endurance and make your muscles work against any kind of weight or a force. A doable way of adopting this hack into your daily routine is to practice a set of pushups, lunges or squats every 10-15 minutes in your workout. These will benefit greatly.

Look for some motivation

We all have a favourite workout playlist. However, the challenging part is to use music to your benefit and improve your workout, especially when walking is your preferred medium. Well, how about setting a challenge for yourself? Think of it this way. During any walking regime, when your music goes faster, you too increase the pace, i.e., match your footsteps to the beat, quite literally.

If you just have 5 minutes a day

One easy way of accelerating your weight loss goals is to walk whenever you can- whether in your office or just about at lunch. If you are looking for another easy way to speed up efforts, consider taking a flight of stairs and ditching the elevator ride. Taking the stairs is a great way of building endurance and flexing out those muscles, apart from burning up more calories as well.


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