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Body Fat

The best exercise for burning fat need not be a high-intensity exercise, mix up your moderate-intensity exercise schedules and do them daily interchanging.

The best exercise for burning fat need not be a high-intensity exercise. You can mix up your moderate-intensity exercise schedules and do them daily interchanging with one-another turn by turn. The most important thing is to enjoy your workout whichever you may do.

It may be walking, easy jogging, bicycling, swimming, aerobics, yoga, dancing, badminton, football, tennis or any other sport of your choice. Challenge your body in a new way every day. Thus, maintain and attain your weight-loss by doing a variety of different physical activities.

Body fat starts burning when you exercise at an intensity where your heart rate is 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. The heart rate range may vary according to your age. In this zone, you’ll be breathing heavier, feeling increased exhaustion, sweating and probably dehydrated.

You need at least 45 minutes of moderate exercise to mobilize your body to dip into fat reserves and burn stored fat. Intensify your workout slowly and steadily increasing time, speed and energy level so that more fat can be consumed as fuel. It is safest to increase the time by 10 percent per week.

Warm up at an easy pace in initial five to 10 minutes at low intensity. It will prepare your body to exercise. Then start at an intensity of 50 to 60 percent of your maximum heart rate doing any workout that may result in breathing harder than usual. Its duration should be between 30 to 60 minutes. After the completion of your workout, cool down with five to 10 minutes of low-intensity exercises. It’s the time for stretching of the muscles now used in your workout regimen. That’s the end of your session.

Your workout pattern shouldn’t be same every day. Change it to get your body build muscles and burn calories. You can acquire your fitness goal more quickly by adding bursts of intensity. Like, if you are walking, you may include a hill climb or climbing of stairs on and off. Maintain a good posture always while exercising.

Hormone levels for most people peak at 6 p.m. Exercising three hours before or after the peak may give you your best workout for both endurance and building muscles. Muscles are warmer and more flexible at this time than in morning. You may be able to work out harder and faster in the evening time. You can exert more feeling less exhausted. It may help regulate the amount of food you feel like eating for dinner. But, at the same time distraction and other commitments may make keep you from exercising at this time.

The key thing is to make a habit to do the physical workout at any time of the day suitable to you and follow it consistently. So, there is no prescribed time that can be considered as best to exercise. Do it any time that fits best into your schedule. Consistency is important here and not the time.

Two important things to be kept in mind:

Keep yourself away from the excuses not to exercise five to six days a week. Be honest with yourself and keep an exercise log.

Don’t indulge in eating more calories as a perk for your physical workout. To lose weight, you need to be selective about your food habits. Make a record of everything you eat. Look for the ways to amend bad eating habits if there are any.

Know your basic calorie per day metabolic rate and how many calories you burn while exercising. Stop drinking sodas, sugary fruit juices, sports drinks, milk tea or coffee. Stick to water and keep your body well hydrated. Eat healthy fibrous food- whole grains, fruits, veggies and nutrient-rich low-fat diet.

This way you’ll not only reduce your body weight but curb health risks too by making yourself more physically or mentally fit. The trick of weight-loss lies in your workout programme’s frequency, duration and intensity. Happy weight-loss!

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