Can Cornflakes Be The Key To A Healthy Weight Loss? We Answer

cornflakes weight loss

Eating cereals for breakfast (or as a midnight snack) is very common and considered a healthy breakfast, since it contains nothing heavy like the usual breakfast options like parathas, pancakes, upma or pooris. On top of that, it contains the nutrition of milk which is highly essential for good health.

While it is an easy breakfast option for people and considering how light breakfast is the key to reducing your calorie count, does cornflakes with milk for breakfast help in reducing the kilos off your weight? The answer will surprise you.

Why do so many people have cornflakes?

One of the many reasons why cornflakes are so popular and advertised as an ideal breakfast meal is that because they are flattened, low in fat and not to forget, taken along with milk so that you feel instantly feel full. But, that alone does not make it a good breakfast option. The low-fat content is compensated by the added sugar content, which is present in all variants. Thus, cornflakes can not exactly be termed as a proper breakfast option and most definitely not an ideal breakfast option for weight watchers. Plus, you always have the tendency to overeat, so, in most cases, if what you think are having is an ideal, light breakfast, think again.

Having cornflakes also puts you on the radar for diabetes. Cornflakes is made out of corn, fructose and corn syrup which contains a high content of Glycemic index, which in turn increases the insulin in the body and makes you gain more weight. On top of that, people also like to add sugar or honey on top of it, so the risk doubles up. You end up consuming way more sugar than you would ideally want, especially in the mornings which is your first meal of the day.

Is a healthy breakfast important for weight loss

Breakfast can mean different things to different people, especially when you are on a mission to lose weight. As long as you take in the ideal calorie intake, it doesn’t matter if you skip breakfast or have a light or heavy meal. It all depends on the metabolism But, at the same time, cornflakes or cereals can never really find a place in the ideal breakfast platter and therefore, is not a good option for weight loss. Ready to eat meal items or diet meals are only an option, not a replacement. If you want, replace cornflakes with oats or wheat or even ragi flakes.


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