Can you do yoga to burn your body fat?

Yoga is different from most of the exercises you do or know about. In other exercises there is a lot of body movement and so it is obvious that you are going to lose fat when you do them. Just running a few kilometers in the morning is enough to burn quite a few fats off your body since it makes you move your body, increase the heart rate and sweat. However, when it comes to yoga you are mostly doing poses and keeping those poses for several moments. Can these postures and positions really help burn the fat?
Can you do yoga to burn your body fat?=

The answer is yoga can definitely burn the fat but you will have to know the particular poses and positions that help you do so. You have to keep in mind that yoga has been evolving quite a lot in the recent years since it has become popular in the rest of the world. In the beginning, it was only known to Indian people and Indian women were the ones considered the experts of it. However, it then spread throughout the world and today different countries have incorporated their own ways into it making it even more effective than ever before.

One of the most famous poses in yoga known for burning fat in your body is the down dog split. You do this pose and continue with knee-to-nose repetitions. Get on your hands and feet for this position. Now lift your heels from the ground and see that you are resting on your toes while your hands are fully flat on the floor mat. Now lean your head forward and try to look back at your knees from here. Pull one of your legs and try to touch your nose with the knee of one of your legs.

Most of these poses help you build muscles and when you build muscles you automatically lose fat. You can practice this pose by watching some yoga videos to burn fat. Now, another great position that can help you burn fat is the planking position. In this particular position you first get down on your hands and feet just like the pose mentioned above. Lift your heels and support yourself with your toes. Now you will have to lift one of your legs up in the air and stretch is as much as you can straight and do the same with one of your arms. When lifting your right leg, you will lift your left hand and vice versa.

Dolphin pushups are perfect for anyone looking to tone their body, burn fat and get help with weight loss. Again, you will have to get on your feet and hands. Now from this position you will put your elbows down on the floor too and lift your hips up while resting only your toes on the floor. Now all you have to do is try to touch the thumbs of your hands with your chin. You can always improve on these positions and learn more yoga postures that can help you greatly with fat burning.


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