Eat This Type Of Carbs For Weight Loss!


When it comes to weight loss, the first thing we think of quitting is carbs. All our lives we have been hearing ‘say no to carbs if you want to lose weight’. But you will be surprised to know that not all types of carbs make you gain weight. In fact, there are carbs that have the ability to promote weight loss.

You can slim down by eating carbs only if you eat the right ones. Good carbs are the ones that literally come out of the ground like a potato but not processed potato chips.

Here are a few examples of good carbs that can accelerate your weight loss.

Barley is extremely rich in fibre and is one of the oldest superfoods. Having barley chapati or bread stimulates the hormones in the gut, which helps to regulate metabolism and appetite. Since, it is rich in fibre, it also keeps you fuller for a longer duration of time.

Eating pulses like chickpea, beans, peas and lentils can prevent you from overeating and thus keep your weight in check, says a Canadian study. For a quick and healthy snack, you can fry soaked chickpeas in olive oil and add some salt and black pepper for taste.

Eating 30 grams of fibre per day can help one lose 2 kilos in a year, claims a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Pears contain 6 grams of fibre, a lot more than most of the other fruits.

Air-popped popcorn
A handful of popcorn is packed with fibre. People on various weight loss programmes, when snacked on popcorn felt fuller for a longer duration of time and ate fewer calories later, reports a study.

Black beans
Black beans are rich in soluble fibre that is good for people suffering from constipation. This soluble fibre also reduces the deep visceral fat that increases the fat around your waistline and also increases the chances of heart diseases, diabetes and even some types of cancers.

Sweet potato
One medium-sized sweet potato has around 27 grams of carbs but don’t let this stop you from eating this healthy root. Sweet potato has shown to increase the levels of hormone adiponectin, which regulates the blood sugar level and keeps your metabolism in check. Sweet potatoes are fat-free and have fewer calories when compared to white potatoes.

Green peas
A half cup of peas gives you about four grams of protein and fibre and about 12.5 grams of carbs. The same quantity provides you with 12 per cent of your daily recommended zinc intake. You can add them to your oats, soups and what not.

Whole wheat bread
You don’t need to say goodbye to sandwiches and toasts if you are trying to lose weight. Just replace your regular bread with whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread has one gram of sugar and at least 4 grams of fibre and 15 grams carbs in a single slice.

Other benefits

Swapping the bad carbs with goods ones can help in boosting the heart health, lowering the risk of diabetes and losing weight.


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