Four Important Steps Of An Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine

Follow these steps!

Planning a workout routine as per your requirement and fitness level is a challenging task. You do not want to make any mistake that can halt your progress or cause an injury. To ensure this you not only have to maintain the right form but follow all the basic steps of an exercise routine.

There are basically four steps of an exercise routine and no matter what kind of exercise you are performing you have to follow them properly to gain maximum benefits. If you playing sports or trying to lose weight or are just a fitness enthusiast, you must be aware of these steps and include them in your daily routine.


This is the first phase of an exercise routine where you prepare your body for an intense workout session. Skipping this phase can increase the chances of getting an injury or muscle strain. Warming up allows your body to adjust with the increased demand for oxygen and blood circulation, required to perform at peak condition. You have to perform simple exercises in this phase like jogging, side steps and side-arm lifts.


Stretching is the second phase of an exercise routine. This is performed after the warm-up session to make your muscles more flexible. Stretching all your major muscle group before performing an intense exercise will decrease your chances of getting muscle strain. Stretch and relax the muscles slowly, without jerking or bouncing. Hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds for better results.


This is the main part of an exercise routine, where you perform different exercises that helps you to burn calories, build endurance or muscle strengthening. You may choose the right exercise as per your need or preference like cardio exercise, strength training, Zumba or Pilates. Your heart rate, oxygen intake, body temperature all increase eventually in this phase.


This is the last step where you bring your back to the normal state after an intense exercise. Cooldown is also known as recovery time for your body. Your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature all are at a peak during the conditioning phase. Cooldown helps to bring them slowly to normal. Slow walking and stretching are some good ways to cooldown.


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