Here’s How To Use Kokum To Lose Weight And Burn Body Fat


If you are trying to lose weight, try the tarty and citrusy kokum fruit that is said to liven up any curry or dal. A staple among the Konkans, it is majorly found in the Malabar regions of India. Regionally known as Sol Kadi or Kodampuli, kokum is a delicious fruit that works as a natural weight loss aid and is fast becoming one of the favourites among health enthusiasts. Kokum also comes with a range of health benefits. The presence of vitamin C in it may help boost immunity; the garcinol it contains has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and anti-carcinogenic properties. But what has brought kokum into the spotlight is the presence of hydroxyl citric acid (HCA) in it that is said to shrink appetite and reduce fat in the body, further helping you lose weight, the healthy way. Let’s look at how kokum helps in losing weight and how to use it in your daily diet.

Kokum for weight loss | Kokum to lose weight and burn body fat

Kokum or the herb of garcinia cambogia is said to lead to significant loss not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of fat. This fruit fights the unfair accumulation of body fat. Here are some reasons that make it great for weight loss.

1.Kokum is said to be great for your digestion, and is known to fight conditions like flatulence, acidity and constipation. A good digestive system is the key to lose weight efficiently.

2. It contains hydroxyl acid (HCA), which is known to be an appetite suppressant, further preventing you from cravings and untimely hunger pangs.

3. According to a study published in the Journal Nutrition, HCA is also attributed to not just weight loss, but also fat loss, thereby helping you stay healthy.

4.Inflammation in the body can cause conditions like obesity. The presence of an active compound called garcinol has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation in the body.

5.Kokum is known to reduce the conversion of food into fat. Therefore, the synthesis of fatty acids is inhibited to a great extent, thus preventing the build-up of fats in the body.

6.Kokum has the tendency to convert excess calories in our body into glycogen.

7.The antioxidant vitamin C present in kokum prevents the growth of cell damaging free radicals in the body. Free radicals tend to cause oxidative stress, which further ups the chances of health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

How to use kokum to lose weight | How to use kokum for weight loss

Also known as the ‘cool king’ among the Indian fruits, kokum is generally available in powder form, and can be consumed by adding some water to it. If whole kokum is available, you can simply soak it in water overnight, extract the juice and store it for consumption for the next few days. You could also use kokum as a souring agent in most of your curries and dals and extract the benefits it has to offer.

Go on and enjoy the beautiful red and purple tarty fruit and lose weight, the healthy way. Make sure you consume a healthy and balanced diet and engage in exercises to stay fit.


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