Holding A Plank For This Long Can Help Flatten Your Tummy

Plank For Flatten Tummy

Planks are a wonderful exercise that can help you reshape your body. Different plank modification can help you tone your body, get a stronger core and even lose weight. While plank modifications are commonly discussed topic, the duration for which you should hold a plank is something that we don’t know much about.

In this article, we will tell you what is the ideal time to hold a plank.

According to a certified trainer from the New York City, holding three planks for 60 seconds each is ideal. But if you are new to planking and don’t want to injure yourself, start slowly.
Make sure to do the proper form as the correct form reduces the risk of injury. Here is the right way to perform a plank. (HYERLINK).

If you are a beginner, start with shorter plank holds – 10 seconds each. When you are able to maintain a strong form and good posture, gradually increase the time. Aim for holding three planks for 10 seconds each.

When you are comfortable with holding a plank for one minute, you can increase the difficulty by increasing some movement.

If your form is not proper, you are not working your muscles, instead, you are just putting stress on your joints and spine, which can lead to injury.

SOURCE: bit.ly/32zARSQ

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