How To Ease Muscle Soreness

We have all experienced it – that dreaded post-workout muscle soreness. While being sore can give us that proud “I worked hard” feeling, we can all agree that getting on and off the toilet seat after leg day can be plain old frustrating – not to mention painful!
Here are some of the best ways to get rid of muscle soreness:

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a warm bath filled with epsom salt can help to ease muscle pain. The warm water can loosen up tight muscles and improve circulation, while the epsom salts (which contain magnesium) help your muscles relax and kickstart your recovery. You can buy epsom salts from most supermarkets. If you are experiencing muscle soreness try adding 2 cups to your bath for some relief.

Foam Roll
I am sure it is no surprise to everyone that this is one of my favourite tips! I couldn’t live without my foam roller! Foam rolling increases blood flow to your muscles, which can help alleviate muscle tightness and soreness. I recommend foam rolling straight after your workout and focussing on the areas that you worked on.


I know you are probably cringing at the thought of stretching when you are so sore, but trust me it can definitely help! The key is to gently stretch and not over do it. When your muscles are sore it generally means they are tight, so gently and lightly stretching that area may help diffuse pain. Just make sure that you warm your body up prior to stretching.

Take It Slow

If you feel SUPER sore and are planning a workout in the next few days, take it slow. Going for walks can be a great way to relieve muscle soreness as it helps get your muscles moving and blood flowing. Make sure that you give your muscles enough time to recover so that you are able to put in 100% for your next workout.

Important: If you feel like you are so sore you can’t move properly, don’t feel like you should rush back into your workout routine or. Rest, drink plenty of water and apply the tips above to help your muscles relax and recover.


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