How To Eat Bread Without Gaining Weight?

Eat Bread

As yummy and easy is to eat bread, we are all guilty of looking at the pack and counting calories. It is often believed that bread is the one thing we all need to cut down on when it comes to losing weight.

There is another reason why a lot of people don’t like bread. Usually bought from markets and mass-produced, they contain a lot more preservatives which make them stay fresher for longer. Some of these preservatives may also contain cancer-causing chemicals which again, is highly dangerous to even think of. But, it is time to debunk a certain myth. Bread is not that bad for you.

Why does bread get the blame?

Bread, consumed in any kind has become a diet staple for most of us but at the same time, it is usually avoided and called as an easy agent for weight gain. Considered to be full of carbs and sugar, it is easily labeled “fattening”. But frankly, it is a half-baked truth. Bread might not be the healthiest option available in the market but it is not the worst either. There are plenty of other preservatives laden produce which not just impact your weight loss program but risk your body functions.

The truth is, as long as you complement your bread eating habit with a nutrient-rich diet and a good workout regime, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a slice of bread here and there. In fact, choosing your slices of bread carefully might even accelerate your weight loss journey.

What kind of bread should you eat?

If trimming away inches from your waistline is your fixation, try and avoid white bread from your diet. During production, a lot of nutrients and vitamins usually found in fermentation process get stripped away as it gets refined and seived multiple times. In fact, bread contains essential fiber content which can induce satiety and significantly control your appetite, which are two important factors for weight watchers. Hence, it is always recommended you eat whole grain or multigrain bread. Any bread which is good quality and produced nicely is more than just a loaf full of carbs and sugar.

You can also choose baked bread which contains nuts and seeds, giving you additional nutrients. Going for a healthier option like wholegrain variety, (which ideally contain way more fiber and lesser carbs) can also stabilize your blood sugar, give the body much needed energy to burn calories and stay fuller for longer.

A long term study conducted by Harvard University also found out the real truth. People who choose healthier wholegrain bread tend to have a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) and decreasing waistlines in the long run. So, there is no actual truth to the matter that eating bread is going to make you fat and have a bulging belly. Eating it the right way can also benefit you in more ways than one. Choosing a healthy homemade dressing, including loads of veggies can make you eat bread without feeling any guilt over the calories!


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