How to Lose Belly Fat At Home

Most exercise enthusiasts contend that it’s an absolute must to spend discretionary income on a monthly gym membership. Although most workout facilities contain the equipment and environment necessary in order for you to attain your fitness goals, it’s not impossible to improve your physical fitness level without a potentially expensive gym membership. For some, the added cost of paying for access to workout equipment is overbearing, especially when staring at a pile of bills on the kitchen countertop. For others, having a gym membership is a cognitive brand of exclusivity. It holds value as a motivator. The truth of the matter is that you can in fact lose belly fat without digging into your pocket.

Abandoning the Gym Isn’t Excuse for No Exercise

Working out as an “outlier” requires a high level of mental fortitude. A decent number of gym-goers might admit they wouldn’t exercise if it weren’t for the piece of plastic dangling from their key chain. It’s not recommended for you to quit going to the gym if you’re unsure about your ability to make a commitment to exercise outside of your workout haven. It’s also possible that you may be someone who suffers from “gymtimidation,” otherwise known as that self-conscious feeling one endures when exercising at the gym. Tactically preparing for intense at-home exercise could be a positive additive to your lifestyle if you simply don’t feel comfortable at the gym.
How to Lose Belly Fat At Home=
Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Neighborhood

Losing belly fat at home is essentially no different than working toward the same goal inside the confines of a gym. You need to incorporate balance into your workout schedule, which means you must target a variety of different muscle groups and perform high-intensity cardiovascular activity. The major advantage of living in a warm weather climate is that you’re able to exercise outdoors. Have you ever felt constrained by the hamster-sensation of running on a treadmill? Running outdoors will give you a fresh air feeling, unlike the closed door landscape of the gym. Your neighborhood is ready to be conquered. Don’t be afraid to get started today.

Guidelines for At-Home Exercise

While at home, it’s important to make sure you have enough space to execute a variety of different exercises, such as pushups, planks and crunches. For optimal results, invest in at least one pair of appropriately weighted dumbbells for multiple weightlifting exercises. You will be able to perform an incredible number of different exercises with the use of free weights. Purchasing an at-home pull-up bar, which can be safely wedged into the typical door frame, can also be beneficial. Most importantly, do not perform exercises that you cannot execute with proper form, as this could lead to injury.

Executing At-Home Circuit Training

Circuit training is a fun method of revving up workout intensity while simultaneously helping you burn belly fat. Getting in shape can be a difficult process, but continuous complex movement will speed up the process. Circuit training typically demands execution of six to 10 exercises in sequence with no more than 20 to 30 seconds of rest in between stations. Your basic at-home circuit training belly-burning workout should include pushups, planks, crunches, high knees, lunges and squats. You can also add pull-ups and other variations of abdominal exercise. The concept of circuit training is to target as many muscle groups as possible in a short period of time. Perform three to four sets of this particular circuit multiple times per week for optimal results. You will incur fat loss over time.


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