Low Calorie Foods To Speed Up Weight Loss, 6 Things You Must Eat

Low Calorie Foods

When it comes to weight loss, the golden rule is to opt for foods that are low in calories, keep you satiated for long and keep you in calorie deficit, basically burn more than you eat or Zero Fat Foods.

You’ll see results only when you maintain a calorie deficit diet. No amount of hard work in the gym will pay off if your diet is not regulated.

So here are some surprising foods that have the lowest calories and help weight loss.

1) Sugarcane juice:
This refreshing drink is not only tasty but also healthy. “Sugarcane juice is a super fluid as it does not have any empty calories,” says nutritionist Iram Zaidi. Sugarcane juice is also a good way to keep your body cool. It’s the perfect pre-workout or post-workout drink.

2) Arugula:
This green leafy vegetable is a perfect addition to your healthy salad. It adds crunch, flavour while keeping the total calorie count super low. It has a lovely nutty and peppery flavour, which packs in a lot of taste into mundane salads. “Arugula is a good addition to salads and soups. It is packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals,” she adds. It has a lovely nutty and peppery flavour, which packs in a lot of taste into mundane salads.

3) Broccoli: Add it to your stir fry or an oil-free pulao, broccoli is a wonder vegetable. “It has high levels of antioxidants and lowest calories,” says Zaidi.

4) Stevia: You know by now that your biggest enemy is sugar. It is best to completely avoid empty sugar. But if you can’t get yourself to do that yet, then opt for substitutes such as stevia, organic honey or jaggery.

5) Bok choy:
Kale and spinach are often seen as the heroes of healthy eating. But bok choy has been silently championing the cause of weight loss for years. It is filled with vitamin C, A and loads of antioxidants.

6)Mushrooms: Nutritionist Ritesh Bawri swears by the benefits of mushrooms. Relatively low on calories, you can spruce it up by adding it to stir fry, salads etc. “Mushrooms are also high in vital minerals and nutrients, making it the perfect go-to healthy food,” he adds.

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