Men Fitness:How To Lose Belly Fat And Build Muscle Fast

build muscle fast

How to lose belly fat and build muscle fast – 5 workout and diet secrets every man should know

The year 2018 is almost over. Kudos to those who met their weight loss goals this year and to those who didn’t, one month is all that is left to lose those extra kilos and get that beach bod’, which you may have aimed to achieve when this year commenced. Contrary to your procrastination, it is not too late. There is still time for you to step into 2019 confidently and as the best version of yourself.

So, to help you get that perfectly chiselled body and ripped six-pack abs, here we have listed some of the best diet and fitness tips that will enhance weight loss and fat burning while adding muscle. Below are five simple diet and workout tips every man should know to stay fit and healthy. Take a look below and try to include them in your daily routine to achieve your dream.

The ultimate fitness tips for men to lose weight and build muscle

1.Maintain moderate calorie deficit: You can be aggressive but not reckless in your calorie deficit. Stick to a high-protein diet and restrict calories. Doing so will help you lose fat and at the same time, your muscle loss will be negligible. Experts recommend 20-25% of calorie deficit to lose fat without hampering your muscle gains.

Heavy Compound Weightlifting:
Involve multiple major muscle groups and the most whole-body strength and effort – for example – squats, deadlifts, military press, etc. This will help you gain maximum muscle and strength. However, it is suggested that you should not do more than 2 hours of HIIT workouts in a week.

HIIT Cardio: If you want to lose fat as rapidly as possible and don’t mind a challenge, then you want to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In case you’re not familiar with this form of exercise, HIIT is a style of exercising where you alternate between periods of (almost) all-out and reduced effort. Hence, the name. HIIT can help you burn calories in a short period of time. This type of cardio will push your body to its limits getting maximum results and the intervals with low intensity will give your body the breathing room it needs to recover. It is also scientifically proven that HIIT saves more muscle than normal cardio.

Importance of rest: Sleep is one of the most undermined parts of workout regimes but it is far more important. A good nine-hour sleep can do those wonders which spending 4 hours in the gym will not. Experts have also found out that not taking proper sleep also increases your appetite and make your more prone to cheat on your diet. Considering the fact that the holiday season is upon us, you do not want to hurt your willpower and ruin months of hard work with one weak moment.

Supplements: Proper supplements are considerably less important than diet and working out. But contrary to popular belief that supplements do not build great physiques like proper training and nutrition do, finding the right supplement for you can play a role in preserving muscle loss. However, do not go with the advertisements and shenanigans, find the right supplement and do proper research before you invest in supplements.
Follow these steps and commit to your fitness goal. If there is anybody who can do it, it’s you.


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