No-White Food Diet And What Should You Eat

No-White Food Diet

What are white foods?

The world is dealing with new health problems each day and a lot of them are related to either being obese or being overweight. Obesity is one such problem that the whole world has in common. New diet and exercise routines are flowing frequently and we have witnessed various kinds of diet trends. One of them is the No White Food diet. White foods are generally the foods that are white in colour and are refined or processed to obtain the final product. For example, all-purpose flour, white rice, white sugar, etc. The process of refining these foods strips away the fibre that these foods originally contain and we are left with a product that can be used but causes almost zero benefits to our body.

What is the No-White-Food Diet?

Among many other diet trends, this one emerged eliminating the ‘white’ in our food. According to this diet, eliminating white processed foods can help you lose weight as they are higher in carbs and contain lesser nutrients than other foods. We have all heard experts talking about how adding a rainbow in your diet can be supremely beneficial for your health. Coloured foods are considered necessary for the proper and healthy growth of the human body. This diet strictly excludes white rice, white sugar, white salt, white pasta, animal fat and also white bread.

Are all whites bad?

Not all whites are bad and banned from this diet. Foods such as turnip, radish or even egg whites, that are naturally white are not banned from this diet. Apart from the diet, these foods are healthy because they are not ripped off of their nutrients and the essential fibres. Here is a list of white foods that you can avoid and their replacements:

White salt

One of the most used white food is salt. It is not only added by us to the food that we are cooking but is also found in canned products. Even though some amount of white salt is necessary for human body as it fulfils the iodine requirements, too much of it can also cause various health problems. It can have a bad effect on your blood pressure which can also affect your kidneys. It can be replaced with other varieties of salt like pink or black salt.

White salt

Along with white sugar, the No-White-Food diet also discourages the use of other variants of it like brown sugar and honey. Research shows that other than adding extra calories to food, these sugars are not really giving any nutritional benefit to our bodies. Instead, it is advised to consume more fruits as they contain natural sugar and apart from that, fruits are also higher in nutrition than most forms of sugar.

White rice

White rice falls under the category of refined grains. It starts as a whole grain but then it is tripped off of germs and bran which transforms it into a starchy, fluffy grain that we get as the final product. Although white rice is not completely bad for health, it is higher in carbs than it other available variants like brown rice. Brown rice is relatively healthier than the white because their fibre content remains intact.

White bread

Another important ingredient, the white bread lacks the important nutrients and fibres that are essential for a healthy body. In the refining process, the bran and the germ are separated which leaves the white flour used in making the white bread almost useless. Other products made with white flour like pastries, cereals, etc are also high in carbs but not in nutrition. Using bread made with whole-wheat flour or multigrain flour instead would be a better choice.

White pasta

Pasta that is made out of refined flour also offers similar problems to the use of white bread. However, choosing brown pasta or pasta that is made with ingredients other than the refined ones will be a healthier choice.

White potatoes

These are one such item on this list that is not inherently unhealthy. In fact, they provide the human body with various nutrients like potassium, fibre and vitamin C and are majorly good for health. But the way they are prepared is what causes the real danger. Potatoes are generally had in forms of fries or mashed potatoes. Unhealthy preparation is the main reason behind avoiding them as much as possible. If you still wish to have potatoes in your diet, you can boil them and then use them. This step removed extra starch from them keeping intact the other nutrients. Adding other more colourful vegetables to your diet would also be a good idea.

Some kinds of animal fat

We didn’t include all dairy products in the list as most of them have been proved very healthy like yoghurt and milk but it is still advised to use the fat-free versions of them. However, certain animal fat like ghee, butter, etc. must be used less in quantities because they have way too many calories which can cause bad effect on your heart and liver.


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