Reasons You Are Not Able To Do Proper Sit-Ups And Ways You Can Fix It

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Can’t do a sit-up? Read this!

Sit-up is the most preferred and popular exercise for several reasons. It helps you get a flat tummy, strengthens core muscles, increases balance and flexibility. This exercise seems quite easy to perform, but you can only reap its health benefits when performed correctly. But even after taking every necessary precaution, you are not able to do sit-ups, some people even experience intense pain in different parts of the body. If you go through the same, there is a possibility that you are making one of the below mistakes

You have back pain

This exercise helps to provide relief from nasty back pain, but if it is the opposite with you, it means you have a weak core. While performing sit-ups you have to keep your back straight and engage your core muscle to lift your body off the ground. If your core muscle is not strong enough, the lower back will have to carry the burden. If you feel uncomfortable even after performing 2-3 repetitions of sit-ups then do not force your body. First, try to focus on strengthening your core muscles.

You are struggling to keep your feet on the floor

While lifting your body off the ground, you have to keep your feet stable on the floor. If you are not able to do it then you need to change your body position. If you can’t keep your feet on the ground, it means your body is not in a stable position. This calls for changing the body angle a bit to see which position really suits you. Place your legs away from your body to balance your body weight.

You are feeling exhausted quickly

Every exercise is easy, provided you do it correctly. You have to start slow and then increase your repetitions with time. But if you feel exhausted quickly then you need to focus on your breathing technique. Most people ignore the importance of breathing correctly when performing an exercise, but it plays a crucial role. Perform some breath controlling exercise to increase your repetitions.


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