Are Steam Baths Really Beneficial For Fat Loss? Here’s The Truth

Steam Baths

Gyms in India aren’t the same as they used to be. As far as the equipment and facilities are concerned, there has been a drastic change in the Indian fitness industry. Apart from fancy equipment, facilities like steam rooms and saunas have become pretty commonplace. Even a mediocre and affordable gym has facilities like these nowadays. So if by any chance, you have a steam bath facility in your gym, you will be surprised to know as to how helpful it can be. Read on to find out if it’s true that a steam bath helps you in weight loss.

Steam and Sauna

Though sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. While sauna is a dry therapy, steam is wet. Both of them work similarly as both provide heat to the body. In India, gyms generally offer you the facility of a steam bath and not a sauna. Inside the steam room, there is a steam generator that boils water. Steam generated from this boiled water is released into the room. There is a temperature control and timer to manage the steam bath session. Steam bath rooms are always airtight so that the humidity can be maintained at nearly 100 percent. The air inside the room is absolutely damp.

Benefits Of Steam Bath

Therapeutic benefits of both steam and sauna are identical. Since the temperature inside the steam room is very high, it elevates the blood circulation. High temperature expands the blood vessels in the skin which eventually increases the blood flow. Hence the body feels more relaxed. It is incredibly beneficial for stiff joints and muscles. You feel relaxed after a steam bath session, especially the sore muscles which you might have trained recently. It could also have an impact on speeding up your metabolism. Apart from these benefits, steam baths have major skin related benefits. Heating the skin opens up the pores which promotes better flow of sweat. People who suffer from congestion or sinuses in the chest can also benefit from using a steam bath.

It Won’t Detoxify Your Body Or Help You In Fat Loss!

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that a steam bath ‘detoxifies’ your skin. Though it is true that it does open up your pores, the claim that it will ultimately lead to skin detoxification is debatable. Also, few people use steam baths thinking that it will help them lose weight as they sweat a lot. First, not all the drops of water on your body inside the steam room is sweat. Half of it is the steam itself. Secondly, no matter how much you sweat and lose water inside that room, once you are out of it, you will gain the same level of water once you hydrate your body. Sweating has no relation to fat loss whatsoever.

It’s Alright If You Don’t Steam Bathe

The benefits of a steam bath aren’t really so incredible that you need to look for a gym that has a steam bath facility. If your gym has it, use it once in two weeks as a rejuvenating therapy. It will relax your body and help you feel better after a killer workout.


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