This 5-Minute Evening Workout Is Easy To Do And Effective For Burning Belly Fat

Yoga Evening For Weight Loss

if you do not get time to exercise in the morning because you have to make breakfast, send your kids to school, go to work yourself, it is absolutely understandable. Many people face the same problem and look for a way out because they realise the importance of exercise for weight loss. How about an evening workout?

One way to incorporate exercise in your routine is to find time for it in the evening. There are fewer chances of feeling lazy to workout in the evening than there are in the morning, there is more free time and it has almost the same results. Here is a five-minute workout to fit into your evening routine, lose weight and get the flat belly you have been aiming for.

Sun salutation in the evening

Though the popular belief is that sun salutation should be practised only during the morning, the purpose of the exercise is to energise your body, and exercise almost every part of it and therefore, it is absolutely fine to practise sun salutation in the evening.

Quick workout

The sun salutation is a combination of various yoga poses that bring the whole body into movement and exercises all parts to improve circulation and burn body fat. It can be done quickly and the number of repetitions depends on your stamina and the amount of time you have.

Benefits of sun salutation

Sun salutation is a beneficial pose as it improves circulation in the entire body, helps all internal organs to perform their functions effectively, and keeps you energized. You can go on and workout even after sun salutation if you feel the pump of energy. For belly fat, it is highly effective as it stretches the core muscles and helps in burning fat. It also improves digestion and increases the rate of metabolism which also aids weight loss.

Who should not perform sun salutation?

Some experts believe that menstruating women should avoid practising sun salutation during their cycle. Pregnant women should also consult their doctors before practising this yoga pose. However, there are other yoga asanas that are very helpful during menstruation and pregnancy. People with high blood pressure or back or spine issues should also consult their doctors before they practise this asana for weight loss.


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