This 5-Minute Workout Will Burn Your Belly Fat In 1 Week

Bicycle Crunch

Starting or maintaining a regular exercise routine not only helps you lose weight and reduce belly fat. It can make you feel happier and healthier in countless ways. Apart from making you look unattractive even in the best of clothes, a larger waist size makes you more vulnerable to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. To create a lean, toned tummy, you need to begin with some right moves that will help burn fat around the middle. That being said, the concept of spot reduction isn’t a realistic approach to losing love handles. Exercising and taking care of what you eat can help you achieve sustainable weight loss. Here’s a powerful belly-blasting workout – the bicycle crunch exercise – that will help you stay motivated with your weight loss plan and get a flat tummy fast.

Yet, there are some great core-focused exercises to help torch fat all over the body and get chiseled abs. The bicycle crunch exercise is will help you burn that stubborn belly fat while helping you with maintaining good posture. Combined with a healthy eating plan that promotes health and weight loss, doing the move will help you get rid of belly fat in no time at all.

Bicycle crunch exercise for a flat belly: Benefits, step-by-step instructions

The bicycle crunch exercise is an excellent ab workout that not only works the usual abs but also the deep abs and the oblique muscles, which run along the sides of your abdomen. This activity is a great choice to add to your fitness regime especially if you want to strengthen and tone your core. Doing this beginner’s level exercise doesn’t require any equipment and it can be done anywhere. All you need is an exercise mat, a staple item in any home gym.

One of the biggest advantages of doing the bicycle crunch exercise is that it helps to build an tone the rectus abdominis or the upper abdominal muscles that will give you a flat tummy when trained properly. This workout also activates the obliques – having strong obliques makes you look good in a number of ways. This also supports the spinal column and reduces the risk of injuries and pain associated with the lower back and shoulders.

As the exercise involves raising your legs, you are also engaging the transverse abdominis, which is the deep inner ab muscles that are hard to target. So, the bicycle crunch exercise works all of your core muscles, including targetting the lower abs. Apart from working your abs, this exercise also helps you tone your thighs, both your hamstrings, and quadriceps or quads.

To do the bicycle crunch exercise-

==> Lie flat on the ground with your knees bent.

==> Place your hands behind your head and support with your fingers.

==> Tuck in your abs and lift your shoulder blades off the ground, bringing your knees closer to your chest.

==> Now, lift your left leg up toward your chest, letting your knee touch your right elbow as you rotate your body and keep the right leg stretched straight in front without touching the floor.

==> Complete the cycle by switching sides, ensuring that you keep the normal breathing throughout the movement.

==> Aim for 12 to 20 repetitions and three sets at least 3 times a week for best results.

While doing the exercise, you should focus on tightening your abs and not the neck. You should avoid this exercise if you have any back or neck problems. Also, we suggest you talk to a doctor or physical therapist about whether crunches are appropriate for you. The bicycle crunch exercise is one of the best exercises to melt your belly fat but can compress the spine and stress the neck if not done correctly.


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