This Type Of Body Fat Boosts Metabolism And Helps Lose Weight Faster!

Body Fat Boosts Metabolism

Finding it difficult to lose weight?

Weight loss is no easy feat and the number one challenge remains to tackle the fat distribution in the body.

While a good weight loss strategy requires you to adopt a good diet and workout regime, there is one mistake many people make and that is of ignoring one specific type of body fat, which slows down your weight loss journey.

Here’s why

While fat is one of the hardest to get rid of, our bodies have a special kind of fat, only found in small amounts which is capable of speeding up calorie burn, boosting metabolism and ultimately helping you lose weight faster. However, the only battle remains that you have to ‘activate’ it to make it work.

How is it different from other kinds of fat?

Our bodies are made up of fat cells and the most commonly found and visible amongst them are white cells, which deposit around the bellies, thigh, stomach (i.e., all the areas which are commonly targeted while slimming down). They are also the hardest to get rid of as well. Unlike them, there exists brown fat (usually seen around the neck, shoulders and upper arms) which burns calories, as compared to storing them. According to studies, brown fat can produce up to three hundred times more heat than other fat-burning cells.

Hence, if you are looking for a speedy way to burn up fat, consider optimizing brown fat in the body, which is the same as a 30-minute exercise. Once activated, it burns ordinary ‘white’ fat and glucose to warm up the body.

How do you activate it?

The key to speeding up weight loss using brown fat is to expose the body to cold temperatures, which can activate brown fat cells, according to a study conducted by National Institutes of Health researchers and published in the journal Diabetes.

Cold temperatures work to charge your brown fat, which stabilizes your metabolism, increase MSP (Metabolic SetPoint) and help lose weight. Metabolic SetPoint is a level when the brain starts to slow down your metabolic activity, which can hamper fat loss. Brown fat, unlike white fat, has extremely low energy expenditure unless it is stimulated by external factors.

When brown fat is supercharged, it improves MSP and makes your body a fat-burning furnace and make you capable of burning additional calories along the way. Cold temperatures also expose the brain to be stimulated, dole out dopamine and function better and boost activity at the cellular level.

How does it help?

A 2016 Japanese research also concluded that people who spent time in colder temperatures (3-5 degree Celcius) were able to stimulate brown fat activation and burn fat in a faster manner, than the ones who stuck to a regular weight loss strategy. Hence, a good way to do this and burn fat easier is to try and exercise in colder temperatures, instead of a heated environment.

Experts also say that following a low-carb, high-protein diet can also up your chances of activating brown fat, which can optimize weight loss, although there is no evidence as of yet to support the same.

There are also some other benefits of targeting your brown fat cells. While white fat usually blocks up blood flow, brown fat is said to have diabetes reversing properties and control glucose.


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