Torch 200 Calories in 14 Minutes

I say this all the time, efficiency is the KEY! If there is one thing that is most important to me and everyone else in this world, it is time. It is one of the few things you cannot buy (unless you have some secret time machine you are keeping from me?!), and it feels like it moves so quickly! So let’s take action, and get moving so you can get back to your life…this takes only 14 minutes after all, and is a great way for you to get started on your journey to confidence!

200 calories

How does it work? Ok, so all you need is you, some attitude, and either a park bench, strong table or chair, or a plyo box. (seen in photos)
Jump Squats

Fire up your legs, and yes they will be burning! With this combo squat and jump exercise, you will target not only the back of the leg, but also appear to lengthen the total thigh muscle. Do this for 15 reps.
Box Jumps

Get fit as you fly through the air! Jump from a lower level to a higher platform such as a step or bench to target your entire leg. Although utilising all leg muscles, this will have a big impact on your glutes (BUM). This helps to achieve a nice perky behind that many women seek! Try this for 12 reps on each leg, and your legs will be shaking!

Torch 200 Calories in 14 Minutes

Weighted Step Ups (can be done without weights)

This is a total body exercise that targets your quads but really gets your whole body working. With this exercise, you are strengthening your core, allowing your other muscles to all work together seamlessly and targeting all those problem areas. Tone up your whole body in just one move!
Raised Leg Lunges

This is a high impact exercise that puts your glutes and thighs to work. With little to no added weight for resistance, this exercise is never short of burn. For just 12 reps on each leg, it packs a decent punch!


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