Trying To Lose Weight? Ditch These 7 Highly Fattening Foods For Sure

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While growing up, little did you know that some of your favourite foods like ice cream, potato fried and potato chips were some of the most fattening foods in existence! Now as adults, losing weight and avoiding these foods have together become a struggle. However, not all foods that you love are as fattening as the others. In this article, we are going to talk about those foods that are highly fattening and should definitely be avoided if you are trying to lose weight.

7 foods that are highly fattening

1. Pizza: The love for pizza can never die, but, it is one of the most fattening foods in existence. It is loaded with refined carbs and can cause weight gain if consumed regularly. Try and have pizza only very occasionally and even while having it, practice portion control. You can also make healthier versions of pizza by using almond flour crusts, fewer pizza sauce and cheese. Make a homemade pizza with almond flour crust and load it up with veggies to make it healthier and less fattening.

2. Ice cream: As much as you hate to accept it, ice cream is in fact very fattening. It loaded with sugar and fat. Even a single serving of ice cream adds a lot of calories to your meal. Again, occasional consumption in limited portions is fine. For efficient weight loss, ice cream is better when kept off the table.

3. Aerated drinks (including diet soda): Aerated drinks are zero-nutrient empty calories in your diet. Even the ones that are “labelled” as diet contain artificial sweeteners that do no good to your health. Aerated drinks have been found to cause significant weight gain and their consumption must be avoided.

4. Biscuits: Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has often talked about how people consider naturally grown foods like mangoes as fattening but find convenience in munching on two biscuits. All biscuits and cookies, even the once that are labelled as rich in fibre and low in calories, etc, are fattening. Munch on healthier snacks like nuts, seeds or fox nuts instead of biscuits to prevent weight gain and maintain good health.

5. Potato chips and fries: These are amongst the very popular comfort foods. They are easy to prepare and oh so delicious! But, they are equally fattening as well. They are deep fried and loaded with salt. The former leads to weight gain and the latter is dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

6. Fruit juice: It is always a better option to eat whole fruits instead of grinding them into a fruit juice. Fruit juice does not contain the fibre of fruits and is way more sugary than one single fruit. Tetra pack fruit juices are likely to be loaded with artificial sweeteners. Always prefer consuming fruits over fruit juice to prevent weight gain.

7. Processed and packaged foods: Rujuta says that anything that comes in a packet is not unhealthy for you. They are contain with added preservatives to increase their shelf life. Processed food is likely to be loaded with unhealthy fats and carbs as well. While they make your life comfortable offering quick meal options, they do cause considerable weight gain and are one of the most fattening foods in existence.


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