Weight Loss At Work: A Diet Chart For Office Goers

Diet Chart For Office

Weight loss for office goers is often a difficult task. To be able to manage work and home can be daunting and take a toll due to the physical and mental pressure it adds on one’s body. The most tedious job for the working population is what to eat especially when they are trying to lose weight for an event or just to remain healthy. Here is how you can plan your day’s diet chart if you have no time in hand:

Breakfast: We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The idea behind why every expert keeps advocating its importance is because breakfast breaks your 8 hour long fast between sleeping and waking hours. Breakfast is also the time when your body is most adaptable to nutrient absorption. Hence, not having breakfast can lead to weight gain. Including an ideal blend of carbs, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals is necessary. Some combinations you can include are: Idli sambhar, multigrain paranthas with a glass of milk, besan cheela, masala omelette, boiled eggs with multigrain toast and a bowl of fruits. Including refined flour is not a good idea if weight loss is your goal.

Mid-morning: Most people feel hungry during this time frame. Around noon, our breakfast gets completely digested but we are still 1-2 hours away from lunch. Mid-morning snacks can ideally include a bowl of fruits, handful of nuts, chaas, makhaane, cut vegetables, and banana smoothie.

Lunch: Lunch sets the energy bar for the rest of your day. This is also the time your metabolism has started slowing down. Therefore, having proper lunch is needed so that it does not make you sleepy and does not lead to unnecessary cravings. Lunch should be a combination of rice, roti, dal, sabzi and salad.

Snack: The worst time of the day is between 4-6 pm! Your lunch has completely digested, your energy level is sapped with all the work that you have been doing and dinner seems like a distant dream. Evening snacks are also the danger zone. This is the time most hands reach out for sandwiches, chips, samosas, bread pakodas and everything available in the office canteen or street vendor. Your metabolism is low at this time and chances of getting stomach fat starts increasing from this time on. Hence, opting for healthy and light options is your only choice to lose weight. You can include sprout salad, chickpea salad, rajma salad, a handful of dried fruits, vegetable salad or a glass of chaas or a bowl of yoghurt.

Dinner: For weight loss fanatics, dinner is the key to losing kilos. Since many of you end up reaching home by 8 or 9 pm, healthy is the last thing on your mind after a grilling day at work. If you do not want to starve yourself by the time you reach home, it is safe to carry a roti roll with you which you can consume around 6 pm. This will help as when you reach home, you will not jump on food and stick to a smaller portion. For dinner, you can include: Dal, subzi and salad, Grilled chicken or fish with veggies and potatoes, a bowl of rice with dal and salad, soup and salad, one multigrain roti with veggies and salad.

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