Why You Should Have Warm Water With Jaggery On An Empty Stomach

Jaggery On An Empty Stomach

Looking For A Weight Loss Remedy?

No matter what your goal is, finding that one perfect food item or drink which can magically shrink your waistline is not possible! The right weight loss regime requires the right workout and eating the right foods. What if we tell you, one simple ingredient can double up your efforts and make losing weight a lot easier?

Add jaggery to your drink

While we all know that jaggery is nutritious and a healthier alternative to sugar, what we often miss out on are the benefits it carries for weight watchers!

Drink it empty stomach

Having a glass of warm water every morning stabilizes your body’s temperature, revs up your metabolism and clears out toxins and waste. Adding jaggery to the drink would not just make it sweeter, but also carry a lot more benefits for your health.

Here’s why

Drinking jaggery and warm water in the morning can clear up your stomach, improve your digestion and keep problems like acidity, constipation and digestive ailments at bay.

It also assists in the right secretion of gastric juices, hence, keeping away the root cause which leads to weight gain away. The remedy has some backing in Ayurveda too.

What does Ayurveda say?

How can it help in weight loss?

Jaggery is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6 and C. Plus, it is loaded with good fibre amount, which removes toxins and helps clean your digestive system easy. The potassium content in it helps balance out the electrolyte and mineral level in the body, boosts metabolism and gives you some energy to build up a sweat when you workout. Jaggery and warm water also help detoxify the body. Most, of, all, it’s not an empty calorie source and instead, comes backed with goodness.

It has several other benefits too

Not just weight loss, there are many other compelling reasons to ditch your bed tea for this hot cuppa water and jaggery.

Some studies also suggest that jaggery, with its potent nutrient-rich benefits, can also keep and alleviate certain symptoms of seasonal cold, cough and flu which come with the changing season. Consider this to boost your immunity in an easy way! Jaggery also contains several phenolic compounds in it which fight oxidative stress, relax your body and manage your health in an effective manner. Not to forget, it is not nutrient deficient like sugar. It helps boost resistance against infections, hence building stronger immunity.

How to have this drink

To make this helpful (and yummy) concoction, here is the recipe:

-Take a glass of warm water.

-To this, add a small piece of jaggery to it. If you prefer, you can also use 1 tablespoon of jaggery powder, which will be easier to dissolve.

-Mix it well. Your drink is now ready to be consumed.

-Have this drink empty stomach every morning on a regular basis to see the benefits and make your struggle to fight belly fat a little easier.

SOURCE: bit.ly/2PcY3Rh

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