Woman drops seven dress sizes after ex told her she’d never lose weight

A woman has dropped an incredible seven dress sizes and proved her doubters wrong after being told she would never lose weight.

Helena Hara, 27, from The Wirral, Merseyside, was once told by an ex boyfriend that she would never be slim, but has since dropped from a size 20 to a slender size six after drastically overhauling her lifestyle.

Aged 21, and weighing 14 stone at her heaviest, Hara realised she needed to make a change for the better after getting into the habit of eating the wrong types of foods, and having takeaways up to four times a week.

While looking at an image of a woman’s body on Instagram, Hara says her boyfriend at the time told her she would never achieve her health and fitness goals.

“I had just started taking my social media profiles seriously and had started to lose weight, but I felt like he didn’t want me to lose any weight,” the fitness influencer explains.

“I feel like when you are in a negative situation it makes you a negative person, and because I was unhappy, I turned to food and emotional eating.”

Eventually, however, Hara decided to walk away from the relationship and turned her life around by taking on a whole new health and fitness regime.

“Now I go to the gym five to six times a week, I count calories and live a much more positive and healthy life,” she says.

Hara says leaving her then partner helped her “get my life together in the way I needed to” and gave her confidence a boost.

“I did this for me, after being told I would never be thin, I made the gym a huge part of my life and changed my eating habits,” she explains.

Hara says she previously struggled with her relationship with food, but has realised the best way for her to combat unhealthy eating habits is to allow herself to have everything in moderation, without having to restrict her favourite foods.

Source : https://ph.news.yahoo.com/woman-drops-seven-dress-sizes-told-never-lose-weight-115413877.html

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